Px Tools 3.4.4 is now available! (06.01.2021)


Deployment. The annual bag of hurt we can’t get away from. It’s painful, time consuming, and frustrating. Using default settings and available tools like Autodesk single Suite/Industry Collection deployments can save some time, but the tool provided to users is not optimized for productive work. On the other hand, knowing what to customize, how to customize it, and getting that customization pushed to users is a gargantuan task. One few have time for.

Pragmatic Rollouts was created to streamline the process. To provide resources and recommendations for getting effective tools into users hands quickly, maintaining those tools over time, and eventually retiring those tools to make way for the next wave.

With Pragmatic Rollouts you can…

Uninstall Programs and Addins

  • Batch uninstall all program components
  • Delete orphaned shared program files, folders & registry keys
  • Delete orphaned user files, folders & registry keys


Install Programs and Addins

  • Revit, AutoCAD, NavisWorks, etc.
  • ZoomtoAwesome, FamilyBrowser, ETransmit, ModelReview, etc.
  • Enscape, Twinmotion, Revizto
  • Microsoft Office, Visual Studio SketchUp, Bluebeam
  • Any program that supports silent install flags


Configure Software

  • Seed Revit UserDataCache files
  • Seed RSN.ini & Revit Server Accelerator settings
  • Provide shared Packages & Nodes for Dynamo
  • Manage FlexLM settings & removal of extraneous LIC files
  • Replace ADSKLIB material libraries and provide users with firm vetted material libraries instead
  • Completely disable CommCenter, App Manager, Autodesk 360, Dynamo, etc. when those tools are not compatible with your office standards and processes


Configure Users

  • Migrate Revit keyboard shortcuts from previous versions
  • Add (or Enforce) Shortcuts to the Taskbar or Start Menu
  • Customize File Dialog ‘Places’ settings in Revit, AutoCAD and DWG True View
  • Install fonts
  • Create and enforcing Network Locations
  • Create and enforcing Mapped Drives


Manage Software and Assets

  • Install updates (especially Revit updates) on a managed & intentional schedule without impacting staff
  • Maintain all machines with identical update histories to aid in troubleshooting
  • Provide local asset libraries (Revit families & templates, AutoCAD blocks, Dynamo packages, etc.) that are automatically updated from a vetted network resource
  • Update software when network resources change (Revit.ini, Revit file dialog Places, Revit Server settings, AutoCAD shortcuts with custom profiles, FlexLM settings, etc.)


Provision Machines for easy long term management

  • Define machines in a way that makes sense for your office; Laptops & Desktops, Designers & Project Managers, Healthcare & Hospitality, etc.
  • Define what Set of software each machine should have
  • Assign Set once to each machine
  • Revise the Set of Software required, adding and removing programs as needed, and adding updates to each program as they become available
  • Conform machines to the assigned set as currently defined’ software is automatically Uninstalled, Installed or Updated as needed to bring machine into compliance

Review the free Prologue chapter for more detail on the Conform Set concept

If you have never done Deployments before, or you have and want to learn some new tricks, training covers…

  • Deployment creation, stability tweaks and migrations (when server names change, or when copying entire Deployments to different office locations)
  • Network folder structure for management of deployment assets as well as program assets like office vetted family, block, material and pattern libraries
  • Revit & AutoCAD customization, including the Sandbox testing protocol using Virtual Machines
    Deployment creation, maintenance & migration


Manage multiple Locations with Pragmatic Rollouts for Multiple Location Firms

  • Define the differences between your various locations; Network paths, FlexLM server order, Revit Server Local Accelerator, etc.)
  • Use data Tokens to share a single set of Rollout Definitions
  • Copy complete, working Deployments to multiple offices and revise for local conditions
  • Migrate computers from one location to another; to allow for centralized computer setup and distribution
  • Migrate computers from one location to another; to allow for users changing locations


Contact me to schedule a demo via GoToMeeting

Customers include…
  • BCRA
  • BOKAPowell
  • Farnsworth Group
  • Moffatt & Nichol
  • Olson Kundig
  • Parallax Team
  • Ratio
  • Renzo Piano Building Workshop
  • Tipton Associates
  • Weber Murphy Fox Inc.
  • Yellon


Pragmatic Rollouts Software License

I truly believe in this product and thank you for all your help in getting up to speed on how to use it! It makes it so much easier to actually do a BIM Management job, when you don’t have to spend half your time managing software deployments and updates.

Chris Link

BIM / VDC Manager
I've been using Pragmatic Praxis Tools since their inception. I have singlehandedly maintained Practice Technology installations, customizations, and addins for up to 800 machines, using these tools. Currently the Px Tools manage all of the computers (physical and virtual) at Parallax Team, and at three of our largest client organizations. Even when implementing on Virtual Desktop solutions, we leverage Px Tools for their consistency and ability to automate customizing software packages. I recommend it for all organizations, in all industries.

Aaron Maller

Parallax Team, Inc
I’ve managed Autodesk installations for almost 20 years and PxTools is by far the best thing that has happened since DHCP. It’s streamlined installs, ensured consistency in deployments and made updates so much easier to deal with. I actually look forward to yearly software releases now!

Steve Bennett

West Coast CAD Manager
Moffatt & Nichol
By using Px Tools we now have total control of managing our software. Having all of our computer configurations tested and quality assured, automatically deployed and maintained, saves us so much time from a support and troubleshooting perspective. Also, learning quite a few new tricks on how to customize our different applications have proven invaluable!

Anders Alverfeldt

BIM Manager