ADSK 2019 & Px Tools 3.4/4.0 update

It’s spring again. The sun is out, Rosé wine is appropriate, and Autodesk has a new batch of “updates” for us. So, a note on what’s coming. Most ADSK 2019 products are available now, so final deployment testing is ongoing, and resource data is being gathered. Recipes will be available no later than these dates, […]

RFO Benchmark v3.1 (for Revit 2016-2018)

TL;DR RFO Benchmark v3.1, for Revit 2016-2018, is now available at RFO! This year brought a lot of changes. Probably too many changes to be honest. And this summer has been my busiest in 10 years on the work front, so the combination was just not ideal for getting a side project done. Some of […]

The Bundled Addin Blues: C4R & Dynamo

C4R is quickly becoming the goto solution for inter-firm collaboration, addressing the massive disconnect between Revit Server licensing and, well, the reality of how projects get delivered. However, C4R has been a right mess from an install and management standpoint. The first thing to be aware of is the various relationships and interactions that make […]

Uninstall Desktop App changes

Update () The plot thickens with regards to Desktop App. Stay tuned for an update, since some of this information will either change slightly or be added to. I am not a fan of Autodesk Desktop App (ADA), formerly Autodesk Application Manager (AAM), or as I like to call it; Autodesk Totally Useless Redundant Downloader. […]

Dynamo: An Enterprise Proposal

For the last few weeks I have been working on a Pragmatic Rollouts recipe and workflow for installing, customizing and updating Dynamo in a working office, and that process has led to some interesting discoveries and some thinking about how Dynamo can/should work as a production tool, rather than a neat toy. And, as one […]

Done at last!

After a long hard slog, with lots of unexpected twists and turns, Pragmatic Rollouts 3.3.4 is FINALLY available. You will see some bug fixes, some new logging features, and a new ReviseFile task that enables managed Dynamo rollouts, with shared Packages (more on that in a later post, once the Dynamo chapter is done). Under […]

Pragmatic Rollouts update

Over the last year plus I have been working on a Small Firm “flavor” of Pragmatic Rollouts. Something that is more affordable for sole proprietors up to say 10-15 staff. I have never liked the idea of removing functionality just to meet a price point, and I have always wanted both the pricing and functionality […]

The new RFO Benchmarks are here!

Well, after a LOOONG delay, I can finally say the new RFO benchmark V3 is available. If you just want to be about the benchmarking, link at the bottom. But, if you are curious, here’s a little missive about what’s new, and whats changed, and what I learned, and all that jazz. Part of the […]

Status Update June 2016

I am a little overdue for an update, as there is a lot going on. Px Tools 3.4 development is progressing, ADSK 2017 products are getting Package validations, the web site is getting 2017 updates, formatting updates and some new payment options. And I am continuing to chase issues with Windows 10 support. Px Tools […]

RFO Benchmark for 2017

Just wanted to provide a quick update on the new benchmark. It appears that Autodesk is continuing to push performance in new and interesting ways, and for 2017 this means that DWG Export is now GPU accelerated! That’s great news from a “butt dyno” standpoint, but it’s problematic from a benchmarking standpoint. This is because, […]