Revit Technology Conference 2014 – Europe

RTC Europe is right around the corner! If you haven’t signed up already, DO IT! There really is no better place to deep dive into Revit. And, after you’ve had your head filled with awesome by the likes of @vasshaug, @Jbenoit44, @DesireeMackeySE, @TheRevitGeek, @becdecicco, @JayZallan and @shellshockrocks, you can spend your early Saturday afternoon learning the Dark […]

Pragmatic Rollouts demo and Q&A

I am available for small group demonstrations and Q&A to introduce Pragmatic Rollouts. Please email with your preferred day and time, ideally with at least a few days notice. Plan on 45-60 minutes. The session will explore the new Conformed Machines approach to software install and management, as well as introduce you to the workflow for defining […]

RFO Benchmark

The RFO benchmark is current for 2015. Download it here, and be sure to post your results for everyone to share. Previous version and the running change log are also available. For 2016 there will be a few new things, the biggest being a ground up rewrite in powerShell! In addition I am looking at […]

Autodesk University 2013

And AU 2013 is a wrap for me. Good times, great to see faces new and familiar. And big thanks to my T-shirt models… Nancy McClure, Mike Adams, Jason Rostar & Jay Zallan. You guys are awesome!   I will be at AU on Wednesday, December 5th, doing some guerrilla Pragmatic Rollout demos. Check back here […]

Deployment Failure Troubleshooting

If you have done more than a few Autodesk deployments, you will have surely run into a situation where a deployment works on some machines and not on others, with seemingly no rhyme or reason for the failure. And of course the deployment doesn’t give you a nice popup telling you what exactly went wrong. […]

RFO Benchmark for 2014

The new RFO Benchmark for 2014 is finally done! A couple of improvements this year. The benchmark automatically determines what verticals are available to test and does so for all automatically. The Custom Template test, the first number, no longer opens the default template first. That fact used to make the number here less useful, […]


Pragmatic Praxis (formerly the pragmatic Reviteer) has crossed the Rubicon. I have the last booth at RTCNA! If you’ll be in Vancouver, stop by booth 26 and say hello. Also, in conjunction with RTC I am running the #DeployPainCHALLENGE. Tweet an issue, frustration or downright failure you have with your Deployments. If the Rollout Tool doesn’t […]

Rollout & Removals demo

Since Aaron’s demo went so well, I will be hosting a gotomeeting to demo the Rollout & Removal tools, and discuss security and other IT issues as well. If you are considering the Udemy course, this is a great chance to get your questions answered. 6.14.2013 @ 9:00 AM PST. Space is limited, so please […]

Elevation Tags… So Close!

I have been working on the next Udemy course, Datum & Reference Graphics, and thought I would share some progress and insights, along with a frustration. I have managed to get an Exterior Elevation symbol that looks like one would expect an Exterior Elevation to look.