New School Deployments: 3DS Max 2021 & stalled install automation

Autodesk is transitioning to a new approach to Deployments (hereafter referred to as “new school”), and there are some issues to be aware of. For those of us in AEC 3D Studio Max is where this comes up, so let’s look at it. Many offices use a PowerShell based automation to manage software installs and […]

Revit 2021 deployment content

The Mess If you have started building your Revit 2021 deployment you may have noticed a BUNCH of new content being installed, and no way to choose NOT to install it. You’ll have a ton of template files in many different languages, and you’ll have language specific folders in your Libraries, with nothing but some […]

A better way to do ADSK Deployment Logs

Well, it’s that time of year again, and I have been madly building & testing Autodesk deployments and Px Tools recipes. And, as in previous years, I have been frustrated with the way deployment logs work. But this year, I think I happened upon a solution! Default Behavior First off, a little background. When you […]

Autodesk Icons fix

Once again, Autodesk has provided a new year’s worth of program updates, without addressing the icons. That’s five years running of basically the same icons year after year. It’s a real problem for those offices that maintain multiple years of a product, which is a lot of us. Thankfully, there is a solution. I and […]

Revit Update clarification to the Autodesk clarification

Autodesk recently released a series of “Security Hotfixes” for Revit, 2017-1029. These hot fixes are required for C4R, but the execution and communication from Autodesk has been horrendous, so I wanted to get some more detailed information out there. This Revit BLOG post has the recent clarification from Autodesk, but it still doesn’t address the […]

ADSK AEC Updates

Recent Updates () RVT 2021.1 (22.07.2020), RVT 2020.2.2 (06.05.2020)   Currently I am unable to get access to the full suite of Autodesk products. I attempted to use ADN (Autodesk Developer network) but that was a waste of money. I am looking for alternatives, but in the meantime this page will not be updated as […]

Mea Culpa

Back in the spring I posted about Px Tools 3.4 and plans for 4.0, and at the time I really thought 3.4 was close. What I discovered is that I now know a lot more about producing good code than I did a few years ago, but I didn’t know enough about how long that […]

ADSK 2019 & Px Tools 3.4/4.0 update

It’s spring again. The sun is out, Rosé wine is appropriate, and Autodesk has a new batch of “updates” for us. So, a note on what’s coming. Most ADSK 2019 products are available now, so final deployment testing is ongoing, and resource data is being gathered. Recipes will be available no later than these dates, […]

The Bundled Addin Blues: C4R & Dynamo

C4R is quickly becoming the goto solution for inter-firm collaboration, addressing the massive disconnect between Revit Server licensing and, well, the reality of how projects get delivered. However, C4R has been a right mess from an install and management standpoint. The first thing to be aware of is the various relationships and interactions that make […]

Done at last!

After a long hard slog, with lots of unexpected twists and turns, Pragmatic Rollouts 3.3.4 is FINALLY available. You will see some bug fixes, some new logging features, and a new ReviseFile task that enables managed Dynamo rollouts, with shared Packages (more on that in a later post, once the Dynamo chapter is done). Under […]