Autodesk 2023 Recipes & Resources

Well, what can I say, at least it’s not as late as last year? 😳 2023 has introduced even more issues with uninstalls, which I will cover in detail in a blog post on Friday. But the short story is that 2023 is even worse than 2022 was, and REALLY figuring out what is going […]

Title says it all

The Situation This post is way, Way, WAY overdue, and for that I know an apology doesn’t really address the issue, but I offer it anyway. This year has been a rough one for me as much as anyone else, and more than anything I have had a massive case of tunnel vision. I started […]

PxTools Pin to Taskbar issues in Windows 10

Last year in Px Tools 3.4.2 I implemented some “experimental” tasks, to test a variety of situations. One of those was ManagePinnedShortcut_Ex, which gave us back the Pin to Taskbar functionality in Windows 10 that Microsoft had blocked. This solution was somewhat… kludgy, but it seemed to work without side effects. A few weeks ago […]