ADSK 2019 & Px Tools 3.4/4.0 update

It’s spring again. The sun is out, Rosé wine is appropriate, and Autodesk has a new batch of “updates” for us. So, a note on what’s coming. Most ADSK 2019 products are available now, so final deployment testing is ongoing, and resource data is being gathered. Recipes will be available no later than these dates, […]

RFO Benchmark v3.1 (for Revit 2016-2018)

TL;DR RFO Benchmark v3.1, for Revit 2016-2018, is now available at RFO! This year brought a lot of changes. Probably too many changes to be honest. And this summer has been my busiest in 10 years on the work front, so the combination was just not ideal for getting a side project done. Some of […]

The new RFO Benchmarks are here!

Well, after a LOOONG delay, I can finally say the new RFO benchmark V3 is available. If you just want to be about the benchmarking, link at the bottom. But, if you are curious, here’s a little missive about what’s new, and whats changed, and what I learned, and all that jazz. Part of the […]

RFO Benchmark for 2017

Just wanted to provide a quick update on the new benchmark. It appears that Autodesk is continuing to push performance in new and interesting ways, and for 2017 this means that DWG Export is now GPU accelerated! That’s great news from a “butt dyno” standpoint, but it’s problematic from a benchmarking standpoint. This is because, […]

RFO Benchmark version 2

Wow, what a crazy couple of months, and the blog has taken a back seat because of it. But, finally something new to mention. The RFO Benchmark has been updated, to version 2 and for the 2016 products. This new benchmark is a big improvement over years past in a number of ways. The biggest […]

RFO Benchmark

The RFO benchmark is current for 2015. Download it here, and be sure to post your results for everyone to share. Previous version and the running change log are also available. For 2016 there will be a few new things, the biggest being a ground up rewrite in powerShell! In addition I am looking at […]

RFO Benchmark for 2014

The new RFO Benchmark for 2014 is finally done! A couple of improvements this year. The benchmark automatically determines what verticals are available to test and does so for all automatically. The Custom Template test, the first number, no longer opens the default template first. That fact used to make the number here less useful, […]