Done at last!

After a long hard slog, with lots of unexpected twists and turns, Pragmatic Rollouts 3.3.4 is FINALLY available. You will see some bug fixes, some new logging features, and a new ReviseFile task that enables managed Dynamo rollouts, with shared Packages (more on that in a later post, once the Dynamo chapter is done).
Under the hood, there was a LOT of work done in the logging module and the two Context modules, and I implemented a new “Build System” from scratch as well as a new unit test methodology, all of which directly supports the work going into Pragmatic Rollouts 3.4. In that build you will see the new Pragmatic Rollouts for Small Firms introduced, along with the new Jobs functionality for Single & Multiple Location Firms, which will allow for automated updates of multiple machines, based on specified criteria, and WITHOUT SCCM, PrismDeploy or the like. It’s all very exciting, and as soon as that Dynamo chapter is done, and some documentation on managing C4R is done, I’ll be diving into the next round of refactoring in preparation for 3.4, and more testing of the new features code. There may or may not be a 3.3.5. If I find bugs that need addressed they will find their way into 3.3.5, along with any refactoring that is complete to that point. If no urgent bugs crop up, then 3.4 will be the next release, in Spring 2017 just in time for new Autodesk products!