Deployment. The annual bag of hurt we can’t get away from. It’s painful, time consuming, and frustrating. Using default settings and available tools like single Suite deployments can save some time, but the tool provided to users is not optimized for productive work. On the other hand, knowing what to customize, how to customize it, and getting that customization pushed to users is a gargantuan task. One few have time for.

Pragmatic Rollouts was created to streamline the process. To provide resources and recommendations for getting effective tools into users hands quickly, maintaining those tools over time, and eventually retiring those tools to make way for the next wave.


With Pragmatic Rollouts for Single Location Firms you can…

Uninstall software automatically, including cleanup of the files, folders and registry keys usually left orphaned by standard Windows uninstalls.

Automatically install Programs and Addins, including…
Revit, AutoCAD, NavisWorks, etc.
ZoomtoAwesome, FamilyBrowser, ETransmit, ModelReview, etc.
Addins can be installed to run locally, or from a shared network resource.

Configure software, including…
Seeding UserDataCache files for Revit
Managing FlexLM settings & removal of extraneous LIC files
Seeding RSN.ini and manage Revit Server Accelerator settings.

Also provide automated user configuration, including…
Migration of Revit keyboard shortcuts from previous versions
Shortcuts applied to the Taskbar
Customized File Dialog ‘Places’ settings.

Configure the general Autodesk environment, including…
Completely disable CommCenter, App Manager and Autodesk 360 when those tool are not compatible with your office standards and processes.
Replacement of ADSKLIB material libraries when office standard libraries should be the only source for materials.

Configure machine and user environment, including…
Installing fonts
Creating Network Locations

If you have never done deployments before, or you have and want to learn some new tricks, training covers…
Network folder structure for management of deployment assets as well as program assets like office vetted family, material and pattern libraries.
Revit & AutoCAD customization, including the Sandbox testing protocol using Virtual Machines
Deployment creation, maintenance & migration.


Version 3 (Midsize & Large Firm flavors) introduces a new concept: Conformed Package Sets. Define the programs and addins that a machine needs as a Set, and assign that set to the machine. Later when software needs change, be it older versions of software being removed, or new addins installed, or web updates & hot fixes applied, you simply revise the Set and Conform the machine. pragmatic Rollouts takes care of adding and removing programs and addins as needed. One set can be used to build a new machine, bring an old machine up to current standards and maintain any machine over time.


And introducing

Pragmatic Rollouts for Multiple Location Firms: All the features of the Single Location Firm flavor, plus Locations. Define the differences between your various locations and use one Set and it’s associated Packages to manage multiple offices. In addition, Location allows a machine or user to be easily moved to a new location, with all required pathing in various software automatically revised.

Pragmatic Rollouts for Small Firms: A simpler, more affordable raw script based approach designed for small offices of 10 or fewer. Cheaper, easier to implement, and still a huge time saver.

Update 3.1.1 available now!