How to use this course

Start with this Prologue chapter, and watch each video in sequence. This first one, Concepts, is the longest, but also the most important, as it will introduce the ideas and nomenclature you need before proceeding.
Also, it may be worth inviting your IT Manager to join you for the User Accounts and PowerShell videos, as the security and initiation implications there will be important to them.
Once you have completed the Prologue, move on to the Introduction chapter. The two Tools videos will help you get your Px Tools installed and when needed, updated.
Then, even if you have no intention of rolling out DWG TrueView, watch the First Package video and build the rollout. This video will introduce you to the workflow you will use on larger packages, as well as some of the rollout refinements available to you, while also being a simple program with minimal customization. Having been through this exercise first, the “real” packages will be much easier.
Then watch the Introduction to Locations video and implement Locations for the DWG TrueView package. You will be adding new location elements for different packages as you go along, but this introduction will get you familiar with the concepts and process.
From here, the Package lessons will cover specific programs or addins. Some will be rather simple, as those programs only require deployment and patch management. Others, Like AutoCAD and Revit, will cover extensive customization and configuration opportunities.
Also, the Scenarios chapter will cover a variety of situations that you may or may not encounter, and that are specifically not tied to any particular software package.
Over time, you’ll also want to regularly check the ADSK AEC Updates page to find new Autodesk updates as they become available. The specifics of rolling out those updates will be covered in the appropriate Package lessons.
And lastly, if there are products that you would like to rollout out using Px Tools, let me know. Already on the agenda are BlueBeam, Family Browser & Dynamo (including automated regular updates) and Newforma.

  • Example management scenario
  • Initiations, Sets, Packages, Actions, Contexts & Tasks
  • Process progression
  • Apply set behavior
  • Conform set behavior
  • Limitations of Apply sets
  • Limitations of Conform sets
  • Deployment folders
  • Asset folders
  • Deploy & Install media
  • Admin accounts not needed
  • Install account
  • User account
  • Value of VMs
  • VM options
  • General VM best practices
  • Editing XML – Notepad ++
  • XML header
  • XML elements – nested structure
  • XML attributes
  • Validating XML
  • PowerShell vs VB script
  • Running PS1 files
  • Execution Policy and signed code

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