Autodesk 2023 Recipes & Resources

Well, what can I say, at least it’s not as late as last year? 😳 2023 has introduced even more issues with uninstalls, which I will cover in detail in a blog post on Friday. But the short story is that 2023 is even worse than 2022 was, and REALLY figuring out what is going on has lead to learning a few more things about 2022, and even some issues that went back even further but I missed because my Remove Creator utility missed the problems and managed to create working tasks. I had hoped that PxTools 3.5.0 would be ready in time to release in parallel with the 2023 Recipes & Resources, but that effort is going to take a few more weeks and 2023 stuff can’t wait.

The goal is to get one product a day published, starting with Revit, then NavisWorks, AutoCAD (and verticals) followed by 3ds Max.

Then I can focus on 3.5.0 and all the goodies that come with that, including a massive increase in the number of products I provide Resources & Recipes for. But first, Revit 2023!