Revit Bistro is a series of smaller topics that can be covered in 15-30 minutes and focused on Standards/BIM Manager type topics. Not as sexy as Adaptive Components or Rendering, but the nitty gritty details can mean the difference between a pleasant transition to Revit, and a painful one.

Small Plates & Specials

Tweaks and Optimizations

Disable the frustrating Auto Apple ‘feature’ in the Properties palette.

UI Customization

Add (Useable!) Favorites and move your library to the top where it belongs.

Reserved shortcuts, Variations on a Theme and keyboard shortcut philosophy

‘Quick Keys’ concept, View activation (pre 2015!) & Edit/Finish/Cancel set

Model Patterns

Introduction to Revit patterns and PAT file pattern definitions

PAT file basics, from simple grids to complex patterns with multiple types, varied offsets and varied line patterns

Complex multiple coursing patterns that address the dimensioning issues with the Out of the Box brick pattern, and lay the groundwork for much more complex brick bond patterns.

(Last updated: January 16, 2022 at 21:10 pm)