RFO Benchmark for 2014

The new RFO Benchmark for 2014 is finally done!

A couple of improvements this year.

  • The benchmark automatically determines what verticals are available to test and does so for all automatically.
  • The Custom Template test, the first number, no longer opens the default template first. That fact used to make the number here less useful, because a default template could be on the network, and thus result in an artificially high (slow) number.
  • The test now runs full screen automatically. Screen resolution has such a huge impact on performance that anything full screen with screen resolution logged means the test is of limited value for comparison.
  • The timing mechanism has been improved. In previous versions the VBScript TIme function was used, which rounds to full seconds. For faster tests this was an issue. Now the Timer function is used, which is much more precise.
  • The results file is automatically named with a date/time stamp, the machine name and the vertical being benchmarked.

Download it here, and be sure to post your results for everyone to share.