Revit Technology Conference 2014 – Europe

RTC Europe is right around the corner! If you haven’t signed up already, DO IT! There really is no better place to deep dive into Revit.

And, after you’ve had your head filled with awesome by the likes of @vasshaug, @Jbenoit44, @DesireeMackeySE, @TheRevitGeek, @becdecicco, @JayZallan and @shellshockrocks, you can spend your early Saturday afternoon learning the Dark Arts of Deployment.

We’ll look at Revit customization and how to include it in your Rollout process, including;

  • Revit.ini customization
  • Material UI configuration
  • Material library replacement
  • Content folder structure ideas
  • File dialog ‘Places’ tweaks

We’ll also look at Deployment creation, including some tweaks to nearly eliminate failed installs!
And explore how to migrate a deployment; to a new server, or to a whole new office.
And dip our toes into the magic that is PowerShell, to automate all sorts of tasks, from software install to management to uninstall.

Seriously, it’ll be fun!