Anders Alverfeldt

By using Px Tools we now have total control of managing our software. Having all of our computer configurations tested and quality assured, automatically deployed and maintained, saves us so much time from a support and troubleshooting perspective. Also, learning quite a few new tricks on how to customize our different applications have proven invaluable!

Steve Bennett

I’ve managed Autodesk installations for almost 20 years and PxTools is by far the best thing that has happened since DHCP. It’s streamlined installs, ensured consistency in deployments and made updates so much easier to deal with. I actually look forward to yearly software releases now!

Aaron Maller

I’ve been using Pragmatic Praxis Tools since their inception. I have singlehandedly maintained Practice Technology installations, customizations, and addins for up to 800 machines, using these tools. Currently the Px Tools manage all of the computers (physical and virtual) at Parallax Team, and at three of our largest client organizations. Even when implementing on Virtual […]

Chris Link

I truly believe in this product and thank you for all your help in getting up to speed on how to use it! It makes it so much easier to actually do a BIM Management job, when you don’t have to spend half your time managing software deployments and updates.